List of All Chief Ministers of Maharashtra State in English & Hindi Languages

List of All Chief Ministers of Maharashtra State in English  & Hindi Languages

Dear candidates here is a list of all Chief Ministers of  Maharashtra state in Hindi and English, List of Chief Ministers of Maharashtra State in India.  Scroll download below and see the exact list of all Chief Ministers of Maharashtra state in English and Hindi languages.  We are (  team providing the list of all Chief Ministers of Maharashtra from  1947 to till date. Now find all list of all chief ministers of Maharashtra by name wise period from to and period to etc.

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra, A western Indian State, is the head of the Government of Maharashtra.  As per the constitution of India, the governor is the state’s de Jure head, but de facto executive authority rests with the Chief Minister.Following elections to the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, the governor usually invites the party with a majority of seats to from the government.  The Governor appoints the Chief Minister, whose council of Ministers are collectively responsible to the assembly.  Yeshwantrao Chavan was the first chief minister of Maharashtra, He belongs to the Indian National Congress, as did a majority of the office holders.  Serving since 31 October 2014, Devendra Fadnavis is the current incumbent.

Chief Ministers of Bombay State

S No.NamePeriod FromPeriod ToParty
1.B.G. Kher15 August 194721 April 1952INC
2.Morarje Desai21 April 195231 October 1956INC
3.Yashwantrao Chavan1 Nov. 1956

05 April 1957

5 April 1957

30 April 1960


All Chief Ministers of Maharashtra state  in English

S No.NamePeriod FromPeriod ToParty
1.Yeaswantrao Chavan1 May 196019 Nov. 1962INC
2.Marotrao Kannamwar20 Nov. 196224 Nov. 1963INC
3.P.K.Sawant25 Nov.196304 Dec.1963INC
4.Vasantrao Naik05 Dec. 1963

01 March 1967

13 March 1972

01 March 1967

13 March 1972

20 Feb.1975

5.Shankarrao Chavan21 Feb.197516 May 1977INC
6.Vasantdada patil17 May 1977

05 March 1978

05 March 1978

18 July 1978

7.Sharad Pawar18 July 197817 Feb.1980Progressive Democratic Front
President’s Rule17 Feb.198008 June 1980
8.Abdul Rehman Antulay09 June 198012 January 1982INC
9.Babasahab Bhosale21 January 198201 February 1983INC
6)Vasantdada Patil (3)02 Feb. 198301 June 1985INC
10.Shivajirao Patil Nilangekar03 June 198506 March 1986INC
5)Shankarrao Chavan [2]12 March 198626 June 1988INC
7)Sharad Pawar [2]26 June 198825 June 1991INC
11.Sudhakarrao Naik25 June 199122 Feb.1993INC
7)Sharad Pawar [3]06 March 199314 March 1995INC
12.Manohar Joshi14 March 199531 January 1999Shiv Sena
13.Narayan Rane01 Feb.199917 October 1999Shiv Sena
14Vilasrao Deshmukh18 October 199916 January 2003INC
15Sushilkumar Shinde18 January 200331 October 2004INC
14)Vilasrao Deshmukh [2]01 November 200404 Dec.2008INC
16.Ashok Chavan08 December 2008

07 Nov. 2009

15 October 2009

09 Nov.2010

17.Prithviraj Chavan11 Nov. 201025 Sept. 2014INC
President’s Rule28 Sept 201431Octotober 2014
18Devendra Fadnavis31 October 2014PresentBharatiya Janata Party


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