List of All Chief Ministers of Karnataka State from 1947 to 2017 Available here

List of  All Chief Ministers of Karnataka State from 1947 to 2017 Available here 

K. Siddaramaiah is the 22nd Chief Minister of Karnataka State. At present he is the leader of the Indian National Congress (INC) in Karnataka state.   He has also been a member of various  Janta Parivar parties for a number of years.  Previously,  he was a leader of the Janata Dal (Secular) Party.  And two occasions he had also played the role of the  Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka state. He is also a leader of the Kuruba Community in Karnataka state.  On 13th May 2013, Siddaramaiah was sworn in as new Chief Minister of Karnataka state.

Background of K.Siddaramaiah

Siddaramaiah was born on  12 August 1948 in Siddaramanahundi village, Varuna Hobli, Mysore district.   He was born to Siddaramegowda and Boramma in a farmer family and is the 2nd amongst five siblings.  Siddaramaiah received no formal schooling till he was 10 years old bet he went on to do his B.Sc and Bachelor of Law degree from Mysore university.

Political Career of K. Siddaramaiah

In the year 1978, Siddaramaiah began his political career when he contested on a Bharatiya Lok Dal ticket from the Chamundeshwari constituency.  In the year 1983, he entered the 7th Karnataka Legislative Assembly and attained a surprise victory, earning him fame in the old Mysore region. In the year 1985 midterm polls, Siddaramaiah was re-elected from the same constituency and was made the Minister for Animal Husbandry and veterinary Services.   He has also handled many portfolios at different stages such as Transport, Animal Husbandry, Sericulture etc.

List of All Chief Ministers  of Karnataka State in the English Language 

S No.Name of Chief MinisterPeriod FromPeriod ToParty
1.K. Chengalaraya Reddy25 Oct. 194730 March 1952Congress (INC)
2.Kengal Hanumanthaiah30 March 195219 August 1956Congress (INC)
3Kadidal Manjappa19 August 195631 Oct. 1956Congress (INC)
4.S. Nijalingappa01 Nov. 195610 April 1957Congress(INC)
 5. S. Nijalingappa 10 April 1957 16 May 1958 Congress ( INC)
 6. B. D. Jatti 16 May 1958 09 March 1962 Congress ( INC)
 7. S. R. Kanthi 14 March 1962 20 June 1962 Congress (INC)
 8. S. Nijalingappa 21 June 1962 03 March 1967 Congress (INC)
 9. S. Nijalingappa 03 March 1967 29 May 1968
10.Veerendra Patil29 May 196818 March 1971Congress(INC)
President’s Rule19 March 197120 March 1972
11.D. Devaraj Urs20 March 197231 Dec. 1977 Congress (INC)
President’s Rule31 Dec. 197728 Feb.1978
12.D. Devaraj Urs28 February 197807 January 1980(Congress) INC
13.R. Gundu Rao12 January 198006 January 1983Congress (INC)
14.Ramakrishna Hegde10 January 198329 Dec. 1984JNP
15. Ramakrishna Hegde08 March 198513 Feb. 1986JNP
16.Ramakrishna Hegde16 Feb. 198610 Aug. 1988JNP
17S. R. Bommai13 Aug. 198821 April 1989JNP
President’s Rule21 April 198930 Nov. 1989
18.Veerendra Patil30 Nov. 198910 Oct. 1990Congress (INC)
President’s Rule10 Oct. 199017 Oct. 1990
19.S. Bangarappa17 Oct.199019 Nov. 1992Congress (INC)
20.M. Veerappa Moily19 Nov. 199211 Dec. 1994Congress(INC)
21.H. D. Deve Gowda11 Dec. 199431 May 1996JD
22.J. H. Patel31 May 199607 Oct. 1999JD
23.S. M. Krishna11 Oct. 199928 May 2004Congress (INC)
24.Dharam Singh28 May 200428 January 2006Congtess, JD (S)
25. H. D. Kumaraswamy03 Feb. 200608 Oct. 2007BJP , JD(S)
President’s Rule09 Oct. 200729 May 2008
26.B. S. Yeddyurappa12 Nov. 200719 Nov. 2007BJP
President’s Rule20 Nov. 200729 May 2008
27. B. S. Yeddyurappa30 May 200831 July 2011BJP
28.D. V. Sadananda Gowda04 Aug. 201112 July 2012BJP
29.Jagadish Shettar12 July 201212 May 2013BJP
30.Siddaramaiah13 May 2013PresentCongress (INC)


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