Countries & Regions of the World from A to Z, All Countries List in the World

Countries & Regions of the World from A to Z, All Countries List in the World

A World Countries List



09 July 2011 since South Sudan became an independent state, there are now 195 independent sovereign nations in the whole world( including disputed but defacto independent Taiwan), + about 60 dependent areas, 5 disputed territories such as Kosovo.

Here is a list of countries and areas in the world in alphabetical order, with official names and alternative names etc.  English and French country names as well as local names of the all countries.

Every country profile provides links of main official web sites of Territory/nation, details on geography, maps, National Flat, history, Culture, tourist destinations, countries population & languages, capital and the largest cities, education, economy and more.



English NameFrench NameLocal NameRegion
AfghanistanAfghanistanAfghanestanSouth-Central Asia
AlbaniaAlbanieShqiperiaSouthern Europe
AlgeriaAlgerieAl Jaja’irNorthern Africa
American SamoaSamoa AméricainesAmerican SamoaPolynesia, Oceania
AndorraAndorreAndorraSouthern Europe
AngolaAngolaAngolaCentral Africa
AnguillaAnguillaAnguillaLeeward Islands, Caribbean
Antigua  and BarbudaAntigua-et-BarbudaAntigua and BarbudaLeeward Islands, Caribbean
ArgentinaArgentineArgentinaSouthern South America
ArmeniaArménieHayastanWestern Asia
ArubaArubaArubaLeeward Islands, Caribbean
AustriaAutricheÖsterreichWestern Europe
AzerbaijanAzerbaïdjanAzarbaycanCaucasus, Western Asia
B  English Name      Franch Name                Local Name                Region
BahrainBahreïnAl BahraynArabian Peninsula, Middle East
BangladeshBangladeshBangladeshSouth Central Asia
BarbadosBarbadeBarbadosLesser Antilles, Caribbean
BelarusBélarusByelarusEastern Europe
BelgiumBelgiqueBelgique/BelgieWestern Europe
BelizeBelizeBelizeCentral America
BeninBéninBéninWest Africa
BermudaBermudesBermudaNorth America
BhutanBhoutanBhutanSouth-Central Asia
BoliviaBolivieBoliviaCentral South America
Bosnia-HerzégovinaBosnie-HerzégovineBosna i HercegovinaSouthern Europe
BotswanaBotswanaBotswanaSiuthern Africa
BrazilBrésilBrasilCentral Eastern South America
Brunéi DarussalamBrunéi DarussalamNegara Brunei DarussalamSouth East Asia
BulgariaBulgarieBulgariaBalkan, Eastern Europe
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoBurkina FasoWest Afirca
BurundiBurundiBurundiEastern Africa, African Great Lakes

C  English Name  Franch Name    Local Name            Region

CambodiaCambodgeKampucheaSouth East Asia
CameroonCamerounCameroonCentral Asia
CanadaCanadaCanadaNorth North America
Cape VerdeCap-VertCabo VerdeWest Africa
Cayman IslandsCaïmanes, ÎlesCayman IslandsGreater Antilles, Caribbean
Central African RepublicCentrafricaine, RépubliqueRepublique CentrafricaineCentral Africa
ChadTchadTchadCentral Africa
ChileChiliChileWestern South America
ChinaChineZhong GuoEastern Asia
Christmas IslandÎle ChristmasChristmas IslandSouth East Asia
Cocos (Keeling) IslandsÎles Cocos (Keeling)Cocos (Keeling) IslandsSouth-East Asia, Australia
ColombiaColombieColombiaNorth West South America
ComorosComoresComoresEastern Africa
Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa)Congo, La République Démocratique duRépublique Démocratique du CongoCentral Africa
Congo, Republic of (Brazzaville)République du CongoRépublique du CongoCentral Africa
Cook IslandsÎles CookCook IslandsPolynesia, Oceania
 Costa Rica  Costa Rica  Costa Rica Central America
 Ivory Coast Côte D’ivoire Côte D’ivoire West Africa
 Croatia Croatie Hrvatska Southern Europe
 Cuba Cuba Cuba Greater Antilles, Caribbean
 Cyprus Chypre Kibris, Kypros Mediterranean, Western Asia
 Czech Republic République Tchèque Ceska Republika Eastern Europe

D      English Name    French Name  Local Name             Region

DenmarkDenmarkDenmarkNorthern Europe
 Djibouti Djibouti Djibouti Eastern Africa
 Dominica Dominique Dominica Lesser Antilles, Caribbean
 Dominican Republic Dominicaine, République Dominicana, Republica Greater Antilles, Caribbean
 E  English Name French Name Local Name Region
 East Timer  (Timor-Leste) Timor-Leste (Timor Oriental) Timor South-East Asia
 Ecuador Equateur Ecuador North West South America
 Egypt Egypte Misr Africa, Middle East
 El Salvador El Salvador El Salvador Central  America
 Equatorial Guinea Guinée Équatoriale Guinea Ecuatorial Central Africa
EritreaÉrythréeHagere ErtraEastern Africa
EstoniaEstonieEesti VabariikNorthern Europe
EthiopiaEthiopieItyop’iyaEastern Africa

F English Name  French Name     Local Name          Region

Falkland IslandsFalkland, Îles (Malvinas)Islas MalvinasSouthern South America
Faroe IslandsÎles FéroéForoyarNorthern Europe
FijiFidjiFijiMelanesia, Oceania
FinlandFinlandeSuomen TasavaltaNorthern Europe
FranceFranceFranceWestern Europe
French GuianaGuyane FrançaiseGuyaneNorthern South America
French Southern TerritoriesTerres Australes FrançaisesTerres Australes et Antarctiques FrançaisesSouthern South America, Antarctic
French PolynesiaPolynésie FrançaisePolynésie FrançaisePolynesia, Oceania

G English Name   French Name     Local Name          Region

 Gabon Gabon Gabon Central Africa
 Gambia Gambie The Gambia West Africa
 Georgia Géorgie Sak’art’velo Western Asia
 Germany Allemagne Deutschland Western Europe
 Ghana Ghana Ghana Western Africa
 Gibraltar Gibraltar Gibraltar Southern Europe
 Great Britain Grande-Bretagne Great Britain Northern Europe
 Greece Grece Ellas or Ellada Southern Europe
 Green land Groenland Kalaallit Nunaat North Ameria
 Grenada Grenade Grenada Lesser Antilles, Caribbean
GuadeloupeGuadeloupeGuadeloupeLesser Antilles, Caribbean
GuamGuamGuamMicronesia, Oceania
GuatemalaGuatemalaGuatemalaCentral America
GuineaGuinéeeGuineeWest Africa
Guinea-BissauGuinée-BissauGuine-BissauWest Africa
GuyanaGuyanaGuyanaNorth Eastern South America

 H English Name  French Name   Local Name          Region

HaitiHaitiHaitiGreater Antilles, Caribbean
Hoy SeeSaint-Siège (État de la Cité du Vatican)Status Civitatis VaticanæSouthern Europe within Italy
HondurasHondurasHondurasCentral America
HonkongHonkongXianggangEastern Asia
HungaryHongrieMagyarorszagEastern Europe
 I  English Name French Name Local Name Region
IcelandIslandeLyoveldio IslandNorthern Europe
IndiaIndieBharatSouth Central Asia
IndonesiaIndonésieIndonesiaMaritime South-East Asia
Iran (Islamic Republic of)République Islamique d’ IranIranSouth-Central Asia
IraqIraqIraqMiddle East, Western Asia
IrelandIrlandeÉireNorthern Europe
IsraelIsraëlYisra’elMiddle East, Western Asia
ItalyItalieItaliaSouthern Europe
 J  English Name     French Name         Local Name                    Region
JamaicaJamaiqueJamaicaGreater Antilles, Caribbean
JapanJaponNipponEastern Asia
JordanJordanieAl UrdunMiddle East, Western Asia
 K  English Name   French Name          Local Name                    Region
KazakhstanKazakstanQazaqstanCentral Asia
KenyaKenyaKenyaEastern Africa
KiribatiKiribatiKiribati, KiribasMicronesia, Oceania
Korea, Democratic People’s Rep. (North Korea)Corée, République Populaire Démocratique deChosonEastern Asia
Korea, Republic of (South Korea)Corée, République deHan-gukEastern Asia
KosovoKosovaAlbanian: : Kosova ou Kosovë,
Serbian: Kosovo, Косово
Southern Europe
KuwaitKoweïtAl KuwaytMiddle East, Western Asia
KyrgyzstanKirghizistanKyrgyz RespublikasyCentral Asia
L English Name   French Name                Local Name                   Region
Lao, People’s Democratic RepublicLao, République Démocratique PopulaireLaoSouth-East Asia
LatviaLettonieLatvijaNorthern Europe
LebanonLibanLubnanMiddle East, Western Asia
LesothoLesothoLesothoSouthern Africa
LibériaLibériaLibériaWest Africa
LilbyaLibyeLibiyahNorthern Africa
LiechtensteinLiechtensteinLiechtensteinWestern Europe
LuxembourgLuxembourgLuxembourg, LetzebuergWestern Europe

M  English Name   French Name              Local Name                             Region

MacaoMacaoAomenEastern Asia
Macedonia, Rep. ofMacédoine, l’ex-République Yougoslave deMakedonijaSouthern Europe
MadagascarMadagascarMadagascarEastern Africa
MalawiMalawiMalawiEastern Africa
MalaysiaMalaisieMalaysiaSoutheast Asia
MaldivesMaldivesDhivehi RaajjeSouth Central Asia
MaliMaliMaliWest Africa
MaltaMalteMaltaSouthern Europe
Marshali IslandsÎles MarshallMarshall IslandsMicronesia, Oceania
MartiniqueMartiniqueMartiniqueLesser Antilles, Caribbean
MauritaniaMauritanieMuritaniyahWest Africa
MauritiusÎle MauriceMauritiusEastern Africa
MayotteMayotteMayotteEastern Africa
MexicoMexiqueEstados Unidos MexicanosNorth America
Micronesia, Federal States ofÉtats Fédérés de MicronésieMicronesiaMicronesia, Oceania
Moldova, Republic ofMoldova, République deMoldovaEastern Europe
MonacoMonacoMonacoSouthern Europe
MongoliaMongolieMongol UlsEastern Asia
MonténégroMonténégroCrna GoraSouthern Europe
MontserratMontserratMontserrat Lesser Antilles, Caribbean
MoroccoMarocAl MaghribNorthern Africa
MozambiqueMozambiqueMocambiqueEastern Africa
Myanmar, BurmaMyanmar, BirmanieMyanma NaingngandawSoutheast Asia

N English Nme    French Name                Local Name                              Region

 Namibia Namibie Namibia South Africa
 Nauru Nauru Nauru Micronesia, Oceania
 Nepal Nepal Nepal South Central Asia
 Netherlands Pays-Bas Nederland/Holland Western Europe
 Netherlands Antilles Antilles Néerlandaises Nederlandse Antillen Caribbean
 New Caledonia Nouvelle-Calédonie Nouvelle-Calédonie Melanesia, Oceania
 New Zeeland Nouvelle-Zélande Aotearoa Oceania; Australia
 Nicaragua Nicaragua Nicaragua Central America
 Niger Niger Niger West Africa
 Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria West Africa
NiueNiouéNiuePolynesia, Oceania
Northern Mariana IslandsÎles Mariannes du NordNorthern Mariana IslandsMicronesia, Oceania
NorwayNorvègeNorgeNorthern Europe

O English Name   French Name                    Local Name                     Region

OmanOmanSaltanat UmanMiddle East

P  English Name    French Name                Local Name                         Region 

PakistanPakistanPakistanSouth Central Asia
PalauPalaosBelauMicronesia, Oceania
Palestinian territoriesAutorité Nationale PalestinienneFilastinMiddle East, Western Asia
PanamaPanamaPanamaCentral America
Papua New GuineaPapouasie-Nouvelle-GuinéePapua Niu GiniMaritime Southeast Asia, Melanesia, Oceania
ParaguayParaguayParaguayCentral South America
PeruPerouPeruWestern South America
PhilippinesPhilippinesPilipinasSoutheast Asia
Pitcairn IslandPitcairnPitcairn IslandPolynesia, Oceania
PolandPolognePolskaEastern Europe
PortugalPortugalPortugalSouthern Europe
Puerto RicoPorto RicoPuerto RicoGreater Antilles, Caribbean

Q English Name      French Name                 Local Name                      Region

QatarQatarDawlat QatarArabian Peninsula, Middle East

R English Name     French Name                         Local Name                 Region

Reunion IslandIle de la RéunionIle de la RéunionEastern Africa
RomaniaRoumanieRomaniaEastern Europe
Russian FederationRussie, Fédération deRossiyaEastern Europe – Northern Asia
RwandaRwandaRwandaEastern Africa, African Great Lakes

S English Name    French Name                    Local Name                        Region

Saint Kitts and NevisSaint-Kitts-et-NevisSaint-Kitts-et-NevisLesser Antilles, Caribbean
Saint LuciaSainte-LucieSaint LuciaLesser Antilles, Caribbean
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesSaint-Vincent-et-les GrenadinesLesser Antilles, Caribbean
SamoaSamoaSamoaPolynesia, Oceania
San MarinoSaint MarinSan MarinoSouthern Europe within Italy
Sao Tome and PrincipeSao Tomé-et-PrincipeSao Tome e PrincipeCentral Africa
Saudi ArabiaArabie SaouditeAl Arabiyah as SuudiyahArabian Peninsula, Middle East
SénégalSénégalSénégalWest Africa
SerbiaSerbieSrbijaSouthern Europe
SeychellesSeychellesSeychellesEastern Africa
Sierra LeoneSierra LeoneSierra LeoneWest Africa
SingaporeSingapourSingaporeSouth East Asia
Slovakia (Slovak Republic)SlovaquieSlovenskoEastern Europe
SloveniaSlovénieSlovenijaSouthern Europe
 Solomon Island Salomon, Îles Solomon Islands Melanesia, Oceania
 Somalia Somalie Somalia Eastern Africa
 South Africa Afrique du Sud South Africa Southern Africa
 South Sudan Soudan du Sud South Sudan East Central Africa
 Spain Espagne España South Europe
 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Sri Lanka South Central Asia
SudanSoudanAs-SudanNorthern Africa
SurinameSurinameSurinameNorth-Eastern South America
SwazilandSwazilandSwazilandSouthern Africa
SwedenSuèdeSverigeNorthern Europe
SwitzerlandSuisseSchweiz (German), Suisse (French), Svizzera (Italian)Western Europe
Syria, Syrian Arab RepublicSyrienne, République ArabeSuriyahMiddle East, Western Asia

T  English Name       French Name                 Local Name                       Region

Taiwan (Republic of China)Taïwan, Province de ChineT’ai-wanEastern Asia
TajikistanTadjikistanJumhurii TojikistonCentral Asia
Tanzania; officially the United Republic of TanzaniaTanzanie, République-Unie deJamhuri ya Muungano wa TanzaniaEastern Africa
ThailandThaïlandePrathet ThaiSouth East Asia
 Tibet Tibet Bod South Central Asia
 Timor-Leste (East Timor) Timor-Leste (Timor Oriental) Timor Maritime South-East Asia
 Togo Togo Republique Togolaise West Africa
 Tokelau Tokelau Tokelau Oceania/Australia
 Tonga Tonga Tonga Polynesia, Oceania
 Trinidad and Tobago Trinité-et-Tobago Trinidad, Tobago Northern South America, Caribbean
TunisiaTunisieTunisNorthern Africa
TurkeyTurquieTurkiyeSoutheastern Europe, Western Asia
TurkménistanTurkménistanTurkménistanCentral Asia
Turks and Caicos IslandsTurks et Caïques, ÎlesTurks and Caicos IslandsCaribbean, parts of the Bahamas island chain.
TuvaluTuvaluTuvaluPolynesia, Oceania

U English Name       French Name                Local Name                          Region

UgandaOugandaUgandaEastern Africa
UkraineUkraineUkrayinaEastern Europe
United Arab EmiratesÉmirats Arabes UnisAl Imarat al Arabiyah al MuttahidahArabian Peninsula, Middle East
United KingdomRoyaume-UniUnited KingdomNorthern Europe
United StatesÉtats-UnisUnited StatesNorth America
UruguayUruguayRepublica Oriental del UruguayCentral East South America
UzbekistanOuzbékistanUzbekiston RespublikasiCentral Asia

V   English Name    French Name                 Local Name                             Region

VanuatuVanuatuVanuatuMelanesia, Oceania
Vatican City State (Holy See)Saint-Siège (État de la Cité du Vatican)Status Civitatis VaticanæSouthern Europe within Italy
VenezuelaVenezuelaVenezuelaNorthern South America
ViêtnamViêt NamViêt NamSouth East Asia
Virgin Islands (British)Îles Vierges BritanniquesLesser Antilles, Caribbean
Virgin Islands (U.S.)les Vierges des États-UnisVirgin IslandsLesser Antilles, Caribbean

W  English Name        French Name              Local Name                    Region

Western SaharaSahara OccidentalAṣ-Ṣaḥrā’ al-GharbīyahNorthern Africa
Wallis and Futuna IslandsWallis et FutunaWallis et FutunaPolynesia, Oceania

Y English Name        French Name                     Local Name                 Region

YemenYemenAl YamanArabian Peninsula, Middle East

Z English Name        French Name              Local Name                        Region

ZambiaZambieZambiaEastern Africa
ZimbabweZimbabweZimbabweEastern Africa


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